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Privacy Policy

We at Wolf Coffee Roasters want to be completely transparent with our customers. Any information gathered is used to make your shopping experience with us as easy as possible.

Wolf Coffee Roasters complies with The Privacy Act 1993.

Any information we receive, is the information shared by you! No hidden cameras, or spy ware! We promise. We always do our best to gather this information from you personally but at times we store the information from the checkout process, or third parties you have authorised to share this information.

We do not re sell your information but instead use this to make your online experience with us as fast, easy and delightful as we possibly can. The only sharing of information we will do is through our third party apps such as email marketing (which is where you get those discount and special offers!) or if we are required to run a credit check on you. In saying that, this will only be done under your knowledge.